Real Estate Investing Training & Capital

The Deal Funders

Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur
Without Spending Ridiculous Money
or Risking it All.

Are you tired of the real estate “guru” trap?

Investing your hard earned cash into classes, seminars, training, and webinars and not making any money?

You spend all day in class and though you may have received some information, you’re left feeling like every class was just a prelude to another pitch for a much better class or product that cost more money.

The only problem seems to be: How do you ever make money in real estate, if you spend all of your money on classes? You’d never have anything to invest.

Introducing The Deal Funders…

We all know that the real estate “gurus” make most of their money from selling books or seats to their classes rather than buying and selling real estate. Gary DuBose and The Deal Funders are challenging the old way of teaching and have set out to make a way for people to get trained, make money, and not lose their shirts in the process.

The Deal Funders are real investors who buy and sell property themselves. They are not a flashy show with pyrotechnics and celebrity speakers. They’re just real people, making real offers, with real cash.

Gary has one big problem. He’s been buying and selling real estate for a long time and has gotten really good at raising capital. The money partners love the deals he finds and they want more. The problem is, there is only one Gary and there are only so many deals one guy can find. The Deal Funders’ system allows team members to participate

Basic training for all team members includes:

  • Finding the right market and right property
  • Running the numbers
  • Making an offer
  • Talking to Realtors
  • Dealing with the banks
  • Flipping a house
  • Exit strategies
  • Short sales
  • Due diligence
  • Commercial real estate
  • Mobile homes and mobile home parks
  • Assisted living facilities

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