What Members Are Saying

“The best $1,000 I ever spent!”

Matthew Morrow 

"Gary is as real as they come! After paying for a large training camp with a different company I still found that I had more questions than ever. Gary was the first and only person that allowed me into his world. I got the opportunity to work for a weekend in one of his trailer parks in Arkansas and then he spent all evening answering questions and training us. I learned more in those 3 days than in a $10,000 course. We became fast friends and I continue to learn from him and his team. The level of loyalty and integrity is beyond measure. If you are willing to learn and do things the way Gary asks for you to, you will be successful! If you get to a point where you no longer need Gary, he is not jealous and more than happy to support you as you go on your own path. I can’t say enough about the friendship and trust I have with him, his beautiful wife, Bob, Ryan, Dan, Jessie, and many other wonderful people I have had the honor of meeting".

“He will teach you how to be a successful investor”

Joel Maart 


"I have personally worked with Gary on two different deals. He is always willing to teach & mentor. He is an honest, ethical, values driven investor so he always seeks to treat the other parties in a deal the best he can. He will teach you how to be a successful investor. I highly recommend him".

“I found the first deal very quickly”


"Gary and his wife Tiffany gave a presentation and I felt there was a lot of unknown still, but it seemed that the formulas worked for them well. A few months later I received an invitation to join Gary’s group and I did. If I am not mistaken, I joined the team in January and found my first deal in May. I attend weekly webinars with Gary every since I joined. I like Gary since he is straight forward and he succeeds in life. This is a great role model to have. I believed everything he said, since he brought real life examples, used the websites, case studies during the class to prove his point. I found the first deal very quickly, just a few weeks after I actually felt the power to go out there and search. Gary is very open to give advice and help even when the team members do deals for themselves. He is encouraging and motivating. Gary has a vision and keeps team members accountable by having webinars. The best part is that Gary is available and supportive and I learned a bunch about rehabbing houses".

“Working with Gary has changed the course of my life”

Dan N. 

"My wife and I met Gary over four years ago. I had some experience “flipping houses" before we met but what impresses me most about him is his property perspective, genuineness, and approachability. From the first moment I met him he has always been honest and straightforward with me. Initially, he inspired us to invest in mobile homes.  Within 3 weeks of meeting Gary, using his techniques, we purchased 6 mobile homes for a dollar each, renovated them and sold them for a large profit. Along the way, Gary readily answered my questions and encouraged me. By implementing his tools for success and following his guidance, I have found dozens of properties that most real estate investors would love to find. Gary has taught me how to find the deals and buy the deals. Throughout my search for the best deals, I have come across some deals that were awesome but beyond my funding capabilities. Gary’s expertise in real estate coupled with his extensive access to capital has made it possible for me to work deals that would have been beyond my personal funding capabilities. Because of Gary’s leadership and ability to fund deals of nearly any size, I have been able to purchase millions of dollars worth of properties in just a few years and we have well over $100 million in properties we are working to close on in the next year. Working with Gary has changed the course of my life, my wife’s life and our family. He is a great teacher, encourager and trusted friend".

“Gary has taught me everything he knows”

Terri Rigdon

"My name is Terri Rigdon, I did not know Gary DuBose 6 years ago. I came to Hawaii when Gary & his wife Tiffany hired me (sight unseen) to be their nanny for Blake who is now 5 ½ years old. I had a contract with them for a year, well now it’s been 6 yrs. & another boy named Evan who is 4 ½ years old. I have grown with their family & their business. I didn’t know much about Investing or Real Estate when Gary started his business. He started teaching me about trailers, mobile home parks, & how to find them & how to do the math, to see if it was a good investment or not. (Which I’m still learning) That was about 4 years ago. I now work in the office overseeing the Mobile Home Parks (2 of the Parks I found) & the ALF in Florida. Gary & Tiffany also made me part owner of the business. I just got my Real Estate License so I can be even more involved in all aspects of the company, which I would not have gotten if it wasn’t for their support & encouragement. Gary has taught me everything he knows & has learned about investments & how to find the right ones. I’ve never met anyone willing to give up their time just to teach everything they know, without expecting anything in return until I met Gary. Gary has become a very close & loyal friend. Once you become friends with Gary, he will always be your friend. If you ever need something, he’s your, GO TO GUY".